Hey! I'm Domaney, the face behind Blush + Bloom!

This journey kicked off in 2015 while I was on maternity leave. I loved being home with my babies but in pursuit of being a great mother to our four children, the youngest two just 12 months apart, I forgot to be kind to myself. The motherload got me good, I was flatter than my chest after breastfeeding four kids and desperately trying to pour from an empty cup.

If nothing changes then nothing changes, so with my wonderful husband home on weekends, and often on little sleep, I would head out solo for a few hours to set up and style weddings, returning home exhausted but my mind refreshed. A little piece of Domaney was back! The washing pile wasn't staring at me as fiercely and I felt ok to sit on the floor and play with my babies even though there was dishes to be done and someone was past their sleep time. A brief break was all I needed, the mother load wasn't as heavy.

Wedding styling led to becoming a qualified wedding planner followed by floristry studies to add florals to my wedding services, working from my home garage in the early hours and late at night around my children's schedules. Busy? Yes. Cup full? Mega yes. In 2020 with my youngest child in full time school it was time to move into a professional space and take my fifth baby to the next level.

My journey taught me a lot about finding the balance of motherhood, work and the importance of taking time for me. Even if it's just a few minutes, giving myself permission to step away from the motherload benefits everyone in my household. So I opened my studio in October 2020 with a clear goal, - to encourage women to be kinder to themselves. In addition to dreamy fresh flowers we now have a collection of Australian made, low-tox products, carefully curated gift boxes and we run creative workshops, all to inspire a brief rest and reset. Be it a bath soak with relaxing salts and essential oils or an evening of fun and laughs at our workshops, we promote small rituals to feel good and reconnect with who we are.

I choose to support women in business, particularly mums behind the brands as I acknowledge the extra work that has gone into getting these beautiful, functional products on my shelves when you're a mum in business! 

Our studio turns two in October 2022, it's been an amazing ride and I'm extremely proud of this little happy place! It took a lot of hard work to get here and it's a lot of work to keep it running, especially in addition to my big family, but with family friendly studio hours of 9:30am to 3pm and my gorgeous store assistants Liz and Tori, (super mum Liz has 5 and Tori also has 4!), it just all works. I no longer do styling or planning and I take on a limited number of wedding bookings in a season, (our previous seasons would include 50+ events!), so most days you'll find me at the studio playing with flowers and all sorts of pretty things, and the occasional ridiculous reel because a good laugh is everything!

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you in the studio soon!

Dom x

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